Thursday, September 9, 2010


WELCOME to my blog where this "Yank" (that's what Australians call us) will be sharing the adventures of being an American living in a new land. What is it like to transition from the U.S. to Oz? What are my many new experiences and what is it like to be "different"? What everyday tasks are now complicated?  Read my blog and laugh along with me as we enjoy the many humorous stories of trying to fit in!

...for my friends and family to keep up with what I'm doing.
...for those interested in moving or traveling to Australia, giving you a chance to learn and giggle from my mistakes and experiences.
...for Australians to see their beautiful country through fresh new eyes, so as not to not take the little things for granted.
...for a LAUGH...hey, I'm trying to make light of my situation! =)

On board Air New Zealand
So...let's begin!
After several trips flying to South Australia from the U.S. I have finally found the perfect route! Flying through San Francisco, then New Zealand and continue on to Australia.  (By the way, I flew Air New Zealand for the first time and LOVED it! From the professionalism of the crew to the glass wine glasses...everything was top notch!)

When flying from the U.S. to Australia (or Oz), you typically have two through Los Angeles or San Francisco. When given a choice, you should really fly through San Francisco (SFO). The complication typically arises when maneuvering between the domestic side of the airports to the international side. Los Angeles (LAX) is cumbersome and difficult, especially when you aren't familiar with it. SFO on the other hand is fantastic! They just spent millions of dollars on a new international wing and obviously put a lot of thought into the needs of the traveler. Not only is it an easy walk to the international wing, but my favorite part is that you stay behind security, unlike LAX. Why is that important you may ask? Because once you have struggled with taking off your shoes and every little piece of metal on your body...once you have fidgeted with your laptop bag in order to remove your laptop for inspection...once you have been stripped down, searched and a wand waved over your entire body because you look "suspicious"...once you have gone through all of that humiliation, you don't have to go through it again in SFO.  You do, however, have to face it again in L.A.

This last trip, I flew United from Portland, Oregon and transferred to Air New Zealand for my flight through New Zealand and then on to South Australia. Once my bags left my hands in Portland, I didn't have to touch them again until I arrived in Oz. What's great about that? I did not have to face customs until I arrived at the smaller airport in Oz. Typically, most flights are through Sydney, which is a huge airport. You have to struggle with all your bags...going through customs, passports and tickets in hand and then have to figure out how and where to catch a bus or train to get from the international wing to domestic (if you are flying within Oz to your final destination.) Not to you have Australian dollars on hand to help speed you through the process?

Bottom line...the route through San Francisco and New Zealand is the easiest most stress-free way of traveling to Adelaide and this wonderful world of Oz.


  1. Changing time zones a lot is the worst thing I found. When we travelled to Canada in 2002, we went via Perth, Hong Kong, then Vancouver. It was not so taxing on the jet lag.
    I'm sure you will enjoy living in Australia and once you learn some of our little "idioms" you will fit in just fine.

  2. Thanks Jenny for your encouragement! I know I will love living here. Australia is a beautiful country and everyone is so nice!

  3. I've just stumbled on this site this evening. I'm Adelaide born and bred (I am the 'must have my farmers union ice coffee and must not follow Port adelaide in any shape or form.....expcet maybe when they are playing collingwood' type)

    I have been overseas (limited to New Zealand and England) and almost every capital in Australia (Darwin is the last one to do and for some reason havent been there yet)

    As a writing student, I have a feeling I am going to enjoy reading your blog....

  4. Australia is my favorite tourist destination.