Sunday, June 1, 2014


I blurred out the obvious. You can thank me later!
This was my mother’s first time to visit me since moving to Australia, so I decided to show her around a bit. Instead of flying directly to Adelaide where I live, I drove to meet her at the Melbourne airport so we could drive back along the Great Ocean Road. It was during this trip that we saw…well…let’s just say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”…or at least it does until I take a picture!

After spending our first night in Torquay, (pronounced 'tor-kee') we awoke in the morning, grabbed some breakfast, took some quick photos, and then headed out for another day on the road, stopping where ever our hearts wandered. The sun was shining, wind blowing through the sunroof, and Mom and I singing along to the country music playing through my sound system. Life was good until...sound effects please! (dun dun dunnnn!!!!) we stopped at Bells Beach!

I was excited about taking Mom there. It was definitely one of the highlights of the road trip I had planned for her because Bells Beach is a surfing mecca and Bucket List destination for surfers around the world; and home of the world’s longest-running surfing competition. Every time you arrive at Bells Beach, you are surrounded by surfers, not only from Australia, but those who have traveled from the far reaches of the world in order to surf their dream beach. What you don’t typically see is someone exposing their nether regions! My eyes! My eyes!

All I can say is, “What is seen, cannot be un-seen!” My poor mother! I took her on this road trip so she could see the gorgeous Australian coast line that runs along the Great Ocean Road. 
Well, she definitely got an eye-full!

I went to grab my camera to discretely take a photo of him because there was NO WAY I was going to miss this moment MADE for blogging! Fortunately, we only saw his backside, which he wasn’t in a hurry to hide, giving me ample time to take my photo. I pointed my camera in his direction while looking in another direction, in hopes that others in the parking lot wouldn’t take notice. I was so afraid I would be mistaken for a pervert! Miraculously, I got the shot, he was none the wiser, and I wasn't arrested for taking pornographic photography! Maybe I should get a job as a private investigator, since I obviously have nerves of steel when picture-taking! ‘Yank In Australia P.I.’ I like the sound of that!

Ah...Australia, where men wear budgie smugglers and change in public. Obviously a country full of men who aren’t afraid to show off their junk! 

At least he did us a favor not having a hairy back!